How to Boost WordPress Speed and Performance

Do you need to speed up your WordPress site? Fast loading pages improve user experience, increase your page views, and help with your WordPress SEO.

In this article, I will share the most useful WordPress speed optimization tips to boost WordPress performance and speed up your website.

The first thing I want to cover, is the overall performance of your WordPress website.
Studies show that from 2000 to 2016, the average human attention span has dropped from 12 seconds to 7 seconds.
So for website owners, this means that we have very little time to show visitors your content and convince them to stay on your website.

A slow website means users will potentially leave your website before it even loads.

According to a case study that involved Amazon, Google, and other larger sites, a 1 second delay in page load time can lead to 7% loss in conversions, 11% fewer page views, and 16% decrease in customer satisfaction. Ergo, losing money!

On top of that, Google and other search engines have already started penalizing slower websites by pushing them down in the search results which means lower traffic for slow websites.

The bottom line is, if you want more visitors, more signups and more sales from your website, you better make your WordPress website load FAST.

Check your WordPress website loading speed

Most beginners think that since their website is loading fast on their computer everything is fine. And there’s no nice way to put this; you’re totally off track and couldn’t be more wrong!

You see, since you frequently visit your own website, modern browsers like Chrome store your website in the cache and automatically pre-fetch it as soon as you start typing an address. This makes your website load almost instantly.

When a user visit your website for the first time, they might have a very different experience. And here’s your “life and death” situation for your WordPress website.
If your WordPress website is taking too long to load, your visitor will be gone, and most likely to never return again…

In fact, users in different geographical locations will have a completely different experience.

To test your WordPress website speed, I recommend this WordPress Speed Test to get an idea of how your WordPress website is performing.

A good page load time is under 2 seconds.

As you see in this article, there is a number of things you need to be aware of regarding your WordPress website’s overall performance, speed, health and visibility if your aim is to get more visitors to your page.

To get a more in-depth report on your overall website performance, speed, SEO score and more, you can get that here.

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